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  1. leinadtloh@gmx.com'
    Daniel Holt December 15, 2014 at 3:35 am |

    Nicely done! You’re one of the few more pessimistic on the USMNT than I am.

    I think that they had a good World Cup. Not great, but good. And in a World Cup year, that matters. I also am much more fond of the Besler-Gonzalez centerback pairing than you are, and I think Brooks will be better when he gets older (centerbacks take longer to mature than other players, it seems).

    I like how you took Garber’s side in Klinsmann’s (Cold) War on MLS. Too many people seem to not understand that the stronger MLS is the better the US will be. The next generation (and a lot of the current generation) have grown up watching MLS and have been inspired to play soccer partially because of our domestic league, and many younger players have gone through MLS academies, which wouldn’t be possible if all of our players jump to Europe any chance they get.

    Lastly, I commend you for making a piece critical of Klinsmann that makes no mention of the Donovan snub or Green’s inclusion. I couldn’t have shown that kind of self-control.

    2015 will be fun. A competitive Gold Cup, but not before some high-quality friendlies. I’m excited.

    1. blong292@gmail.com'
      Brett Long December 16, 2014 at 6:10 pm |

      Thanks for the kind words, Dan! I appreciate it. In all honesty, I think the World Cup went splendidly given Jozy’s loss so early. Those 4 matches were Klinsmann’s best of the year from a management point of view. Klinsmann, unfortunately, refuses to go all in. He’s so invested in identifying, developing, and recruiting new talent that his refusal to detonate the current structure of the team is mind-boggling. The players exist to play great, flowing, attacking soccer in the 4-3-3. It takes time, but the results will be much more appealing than losing 4-1 to Ireland’s B team. MLS is making progress, and is definitely vital to a strong national team. I think the league will improve as money for salaries goes up, I just hope the academies get the attention they need to make MLS a truly great league to develop young American talent. 2015 should be exciting, indeed!


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