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    Rey Regicide April 2, 2014 at 9:17 am |

    Thoroughly enjoyed this, your insight was superb and opened up ideas that I didn’t see. The biggest of which, indeed, not what Vogts possesses, but what he doesn’t. Ties to USA football.

    Vogts is seen as a loser after getting past being polite, and in the day and age of internet, instant communication film upon film upon digital film of all our opponents, the thought of him being brought on for “insight” is indeed laughable, only Vogts has the microfilm which contains Ronaldo’s patented stepovers. And that it was Vazquez’s concacaf and latin american afiliation that kept him in the US fold. After years of playing the same teams over and over we needed a dedicated staff to find out how our opponents play.

    He was brought on because he is a national team coach used to being the hands on authority, and he will play yes man to Klinsmann, without any ties to US federation. The “insight” will be verification of what Klinsmann feels is his path forward for 2018… but here’s the catch… I LIKE IT

    I’m honestly over the Dempsey Donovan and EJ phase and defenders not really being good enough. If this is indeed the goal (hopefully he brings wil trapp over for the final 3 friendlies, I think he is Bradley’s deputy going forward for the Red, white and blue) then I’m all for it. Who’s to say, with Luis Gil taking the reigns on an MLS team, Yedlin getting starting time over Evans at his position in his own team, are any less capable than say Dempsey and EVans. This might also be payback for his stars coming back to the league. Highly speculative motive, but the dangers of Dempsey and Bradley coming back to the MLS meant that they would be put on an even platform with future up and comers in the league, and when they outperform you, they merit inclusion into the national team fold. At least a cynical manager would think so, one so cynical that he is willing to through one world cup to prop up the succeeding.


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