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  1. richard.forrester@gmail.com'
    RIchard Forrester February 20, 2014 at 1:29 pm |

    Good article agree with somethings but don’t understand how this is poor management. The Laba situation is the result of the surprise signing of Michael Bradley. Gilberto and Defoe had been on Toronto’s radar but Bradley being available was an oppurtunity that came up suddenly and they didn’t want to pass up. The plan was to get 2 DPs this offseason and keep Laba. It is unfortunate that they probably won’t be able to keep him but that is not poor team management. The team needs to win and they choose a proven experienced player over a future prospect.If you are a club who has been near or at the bottom of MLS for 7 years and you pass up on Michael Bradley in order to keep a young unproven player I would consider that to be mismanagement.

    The same goes for Julio Cesar over Bendik. It became a possiblility and they went after it and most teams would. Poor management has been not making the playoffs for 7 years and anything the team does to strengthen their squad should be considered a step in the right direction. MLS has bent/changed the rules for LA in the past and the league has not suffered, why not Toronot?


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