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    reddit September 4, 2013 at 8:16 pm |

    The man was a total flop at a number of clubs in much weaker leagues than the EPL. Heck, he was a total flop at Preston North End! 16 appearances, 0 goals. If he’s worth the money in the MLS than they can go ahead and improve his wages when his contract starts running out!

    There is almost no way that EJ gets DP money in the end anyway at Seattle. Maybe $300k. Seattle already have two attacking DPs as well as Alonso, who could almost certainly be a DP when it comes time to renew his contract. As for EJ, I would never pay him DP money if it were up to me. He’s the kind of player that is flattered by the quality of the squad around him, at Seattle on the club level and with this new look high performance US team. Sure, when you put inch perfect crosses onto his forehead and perfectly weighted through balls right into his stride then sure he can score with that. But he isn’t the kind of player that elevates the team. Trade him to DC, TFC, or CLB and then see what happens. Preston North End all over again.

    So here is a fitting response for the MLS to EJ’s show me the money: Honor your damn contract, and maybe we’ll make a reasonable offer when the time comes. You’re a 29 y/o man who has nearly zero transfer value given your history outside the US, so if an MLS team wants to pay you DP money, they can offer Seattle some kind of trade. Otherwise, just accept the fact that you have a contract.


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