Straight Dope – Soccer Yanks #5 recorded on 4/24/13

This week we two foot tackle: EPL Champions – Manchester United, a week of undeserved points, Suarez chomps on Chelsea, Bale’s massive left leg, the Suppositories of Football, Champions League first leg, and doping in the beautiful game.  Please give us your feedback, email us at, or leave us a comment down below, or even better hunt us down on twitter.

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  1. socceryankdan

    Regarding the FA Player of the Year and Golden Boot: No player has ever won both the player of the year and golden boot in consecutive years. Henry has been the closest to do so, winning the PFA in 02/03, and 03/04, and winning the Golden Boot in 03/04, 04/05, and 05/06. So if RVP does win both this year, he will be the first to do so.

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